"Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!"

Patricia Neal as Helen Benson in The Day the Earth Stood Still


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And every writer counters that by saying that it took words to express that thought.  I happen to love great photography (maybe you could tell from my AA McCay books).  And I find images inspiring, moving, and humbling.  Below are some of the pictures I’ve taken with my cell phone.  I know it’s not as sexy as AA McCay’s Nikon D300 in its elegant Subal underwater housing, but it fits in my pocket better.

Frozen birdbath

Novato Creek, Miwok Park

Near Bodega Bay

Beecher cemetery

From the Chicago River

Trump Tower, Chicago

Mondavi on a gray day

Backyard visitor

Madison new to the world