"You don't understand.  I coulda had class. 

I coulda been a contender."

Marlon Brando as Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront


Client background

                Bakerjian Insurance Services

                     Executive Vice President 

                     Sales and Marketing 

                Mechanics Bank 

                     Vice President 


                Circle Bank

                     Senior Vice President
                Client Services
                World Savings
                     Vice President
                Savings Marketing
                The Prieston Group
                     Executive Vice President
                Marketing and Sales

Agency background

                 EMC Creative
                 Aspen Marketing Services
                     Group President
                Western Region
                Frankel & Company/SF
                Young & Rubicam/SF
                     Senior Vice President
                Dir. of Integrated Communications
                Group Creative Director
                Creative Director, RPM

                Foote, Cone & Belding/SF

                     Senior Vice President
                Executive Director, FCB/Technology
                Creative Director, FCB/Impact
                Creative Director, FCB/Direct
               Associate Creative Director

Educational background

            Stanford University
                 Graduate, Advanced Mgmt. College
            San Francisco State University
                 Graduate work, Film
            University of California, Berkeley
                 B.A., Philosophy 
            University of California, Los Angeles

                Undergraduate work, Physics and Film