Blog, essays, whatever

Writers write and there isn’t much we won’t write about.  Worse, I was a philosophy major – and you know how they can carry on!  So I've written a lot of stuff.  A LOT.  Most of it deserves to remain where it is.  NOWHERE.  But some of it, I think, is worthy of sharing with you.  So here it is.  I mean, what's the point of writing if you never expect anyone to read it, right?   

Me and the Movies
Reflections on a life-long love affair with film.

What the F*** is Wrong with Wolf?
Too Far?  Or not far enough?

Respecting the Reader
Hello, is anybody there?

Arriving Arizona

Your oven is dry heat, too.

Leaving California
A state or a state-of-mind?

It's Never Too Late Unless You're Dead
Worse than not succeeding is not trying at all.